Frame   75

          2x6m 25x25x3mm Box Tube $38au
          2m 10mm Bright rod $12au
          3m 16mm Bright rod $25au

Motors $24au    96

Belt $40au
pulleys 8 @ $5au
 = $80au

Bearings $7.50ea  (i bought 12 but used 10)

gen3 Electronics $200
      Other electronic mods to make the gen3 useable (priceless) ~$200 (you know what i am saying go RAMPS)
Nuts bolts whatever else i have forgotten.
so realistic total should be about $600 with ok? electronics, No Extruder.

Triple Extruder

2 Nema 17 stepper motors $18ea ....36
3 Thermistors $5...15
4 1608 bearings $1......4
 Brass for nozzles $6 ....6
 PEEK block ..... Donated by Good Fiend...
 Aluminium And Welding skills... Stretched friendship... Many Many beers. owed by me :D

Total $51au

Parts in the crypt - This is a list of parts that i have fried in my desire of having a nice 3d printer.

A3982's x 10 = $67 oh so much magic smoke.
A$983's x 2   = $26 more magic smoke :(
12 feet of Nichrome Wire used on heaters that ran away and got too hot.. not so magic smoke...
A3949's x 2 = $12 EC2.2 DC motor controllers can work in pairs as a stepper drive but don't like it
NIF5002's x 4 = $14 Mosfets on the extruder controller don't like heaters that drop resistance below 5r
YG2732 x 1 = $15 DC 70rpm 2.1kg/cm geared motor. chewed the gears out really easy.
40tooth 5mm black gears x 15 = $30 used lots of places and replaced repeatedly when things went wrong
20Tooth 5mm brown gears x5 = $10 used where the 40t were too big.
Worm gears to suit 40t & 20t gears x 6 = $12 used on the motor for the extruder
Brass tube 3mm ID 300mm x 5 = $10 used as bearings in the early DC extruder and other places
Lots of green acrylic plastic sheets from work that were left overs, 4mm and 10mm used on the prototype extruders
Meters and Meters of 18AWG wire that has been used, re-used and augmented from one use to another.
2 ATX 500Watt PSU's trying to get the heated bed warm enough for ABS to stick.
40+ 0.1R 0.2R 1R0 5 watt resistors $0.50ea
a few sheets of thermal double sided tape @ $6ea 

and i am sure that list will grow. not everyone will have problems like this if you keep to a standard product and known combination of parts you will be fine, but when you deviate from the mean expect to have a few problems. i will be adding parts as i remember them this list is sure to grow.