Things i have printed

Ok so i sorta have a printer working..

i get some small objects to print ok but when i go to larger things weird stuff happens...

weird stuff happens to the top 15% of my prints that it makes the round edge flat, it looks like i have a software limit kicking in.. haven't put too much time into that as i am rebuilding my entire rig..

so i have mastered little white and black ABS cubes i have lots of these they com out really nice..

when i try and print something like a T5 timing gear with the same settings i get crappy prints that lean have big blobs etc.

so these pages will just have pics and short blurbs for what they were to be or are..

 Worms Worms Worms Worms, this is just a small fraction of what i have made :)
 some of the test cubes they vary from crap to great
 most of the tests i have done so far are 100% prints most are nice
 calibration cubes of every level which went up and down depending on varying and repeating errors that happened all the time, the way to stop your reprap from breaking is not to use it... :-)