Saturday, 25 June 2011

The Plan!

      So i have been playing fighting with a repstrap 3D Printer, due to the relentless offers of assistance from Friends that have the skills and patients the i don't, i have finally come to the conclusion that it needs to be square! solid!

So i have started this blog to let others learn from my efforts (can't call them a mistake if you learn something)

This is what i am starting with.

 My Second extruder, using gen3 Ec2.2 controller, a stepper motor that is far too small, lots of lexan, and plastic gears. 256:1 ratio, 8mm hobbed bolt.
 256:1 gear ratio with the green gears. extra track board with mosfet for heated bed.
 here you can see the spring pushing a clear lever that has a roller bearing idle pulley
 here you can see the height of my dodgy handiwork this corner doesn't sit on the table, if i screw it down the Z axis twists and refuses to travel. not fixing that!

 Extruder version 1 this used a DC geared motor and a piece of plastic ( i wont say what type of plastic it was cuz i don't know, the nozzle didn't stay put) 

 here you can see the filament path was not straight, the idle wheel was not spring loaded the nozzle melted free, i installed a piece of PFTE and the nozzle stayed put, the extruder worked it pumped out 0.55mm filament, only problem was that it only started pumping plastic out at a rate of about 32mm per second, was too fast for my first axis' that i built.

here is the first picture that i took of the rig when i got all the axis moving surprisingly nice. All the axis were driven by a M10 threaded hot dipped zinc plated rod (not the smoothest of finishes) the rods were mounted into mini roller bearings that were pressed into 5mm plates that mounted the stepper motors.

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