Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Progress Update 5.5

I have been working on the extruder for the last few days. i have the cold end done and the parts for the hotend ready to be drilled, will need to order some new thermistors (will make calibration easy if they are all the same), then drill the brass heater blocks and make the nozzles, i am thinking aluminum  nozzles may be the go.

i have placed the extruder onto the X carriage, no holes or bolts have been placed in yet. just wanted to make sure it will fit between the two belts.

 here is the printer, the X belts are not attached to the carriage it's just sitting there with a gravity clamp.

here you can see the cold end of the extruder sitting in my most desirable orientation, but it only measures 55mm wide so it should fit across ways onto a normal printer if it ever made it there.

 side view
 and the other side as suggested i may be required to put a guide that pulls the plastic towards the idle wheel so it doesn't scrape away when not selected.
here you can just see the three springs that push down onto the top of the levers these are directly above the camshaft and vertical.

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