Sunday, 15 April 2012

Progress Update 7

So i have been super busy of late. I landed myself a second job, it was only supposed to be to make a window demister, then that morphed into a second full time job once I found out what it was for. It was to help build James Cameron a Submarine that is capable of going to the bottom of the Mariana Trench. More on these fun and games later <INSERT LINK>

So now that all those fun and games have settled down and i am not doing 100+ hours between my two jobs i can spend some time on finishing this printer off... and it will be about time too...

Here is a picture of the THREE hotends installed onto my extruder mounting plate.. there is a 50mm diameter piece of peek plastic that the three heater blocks get screwed into. these house the nozzles which are able to move up and down about 3-5mm.

In this picture you can see the cold end mounted to the mounting plate.

I have to take this apart yet again, i need to mill a hole in the mounting plate to allow the wiring loom to come straight up instead off to one side, this caused two problems, a) the loom kept getting caught in the frame when it moved all the way to the right of the bed. B) the loom would hang down into the printing area. so some thing may need to support the loom to keep it from falling. Having Three hotends is the cause of this problem, this leads to Three sets of wires for each filament.

More pictures once i take this apart and rebuild it with a bigger hole in the plate.
need to do some more cleaning up of the wiring loom and replace the bed glass, one time i was working on the printer and i dropped a spanner onto the glass bed and made it into several smaller beds :-( but at only $15/pc i dont mind that..

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