Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Batteries. and a kick Arse PSU

I got an Email the other day about the auction of all the left over parts from the submarine project. today was the day, i took a day off work, as i had spied a very very nice TDK-Lambda Gen 1500Watt PSU on the website i thought i would like that. looking thru the rest of the offerings i took note of a list of lots that i was interested. $600 later i was a happy lad. I didn't win the bid for the PSU but had worked with the guy that did win the bid on three of them, I inquired if he wanted all three, he said i may buy one from him for what it cost him, works out to just under $500au.. SCORE!!!! i also came home with boxes of random parts most purchased at $10 a lot. the best score out of the random parts was the Li-ion batteries that i found. there is
32x 11ah cells
5x     5ah cells
4x  6.3ah cells
5x   17ah cells
20x   2ah cells

I also scored a Few reels of Mosfets and opto-Isolators not 100% sure on the quantity or specs just yet it was a lucky dip box :)

not too sure what i will do with them all but i will find something :) I guess i should probably start thinking of how to charge these guys up and use them, that alone will be a fun exercise, wonder if i can get them to charge in parallel and discharge in series, will probably take a lot of mosfets but i might be lucky the ones on the reels may do the job. i doubt i would be really lucky and find both P and N channel mosfets, there is a slim chance these mosfets are from the thruster controllers which used both N channel and P channel mosfets that can handle lots of power... time for me to take over the world approaches...

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