Saturday, 12 May 2012

My Powered Dividig Head

I  need a powered Dividing head for the Mill so i can make gears and drive bolts for the printer, i found  something close on ebay.. and i have since made up an frame for it to attach a stepper motor to the chuck..
 here is the chuck there is a locking screw that holds the back to tighten the jaws and while milling.
 Have i mentioned i am a lazy bastard.. I want to make gears with nice fine teeth and drive bolts for my printer with out breaking a sweat, done that too much already.. so i have devised a way to attach a stepper motor to the back of it and still maintain the ability to mount it either vertically or horizontally.  

I took a 12mm 1.25mm pitch bolt and drilled a hole in the end to match the steppers shaft, then i made a flanged shaft to attach the back of the chuck, on this i have a hobbed section that the bolt will run in, as it does the chuck will turn, but alas my measurements we off by 0.5-1mm and the drive bolt does not make proper contact with the flanged shaft. so i am going to have to print (slowly) a new worm and spur gear that i can use in this frame to mill a metal one out that will be able to turn while milling. the plastic one will require me to lock off the chuck when i make a cutting pass, i should be able to make the spur gear i need and the worm on the lathe. so many projects on the go it will be good to get some finished...

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