Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Victory is Near... so near i can taste the plastic!!

Had a hard day at work trying to make some soothing sounds from a PIC micro and a mosfet driven speaker, feeding it a square wave at varying frequencies to make a bleep and a bloop sound for good and bad report. I was eager to get to the mill, as soon as i sat down at home i rang my mate to see if he has finished work for the day, and he was, so i scooted out there as fast as traffic would allow. I got there at about 6:30ish and proceeded to setup the mill to enable the Y axis as i am still waiting on the replacement stepper drivers, so i am plugging the A axis into a axis that is not required, this time i needed the Y axis, first time i needed to use it so i had to calibrate the axis and document the backlash.  after about and hour or so and nice hunk of chicken i had the axis' setup and ready to roll.

i whipped up some gcode to make the teeth that i need, forgetting my notebook that i scribbled the formula in last night i had to go off memory and plain forgot how many teeth i wanted and some how ended up only cutting 18 teeth on the first groove so i manually cnc'd the last two teeth.

o100 repeat [20]
G1 Y-2.6 F25
G1 Y2.6 F50
G1 A18 F1000
o100 endrepeat

this fed the cutter into the groove nice and slowly then retreats to clear the job and rotates 18' and repeats. simple code. i then manually cranked the X axis to line up with the next groove and let it rip and repeated this for the last groove. the teeth are a little off center to the grooves but that shouldn't affect anything as i pre-grooved the job.

so now i need to go to jaycar.com.au and buy me a 10 tooth gear to mesh with the worm drive and mount that. i will venture into hobbyco in the city to latch onto a new set of skateboard bearing ( i know i have four fresh ones here somewhere but meh) then i will be all set to start a print, i seem to have lost one of my nozzles, probably hiding with the bearings so i might order some 0.25mm & 0.35mm drills and make a new set or two, now i have the mill under control they wont take so long to make, well at least i wont have to crank it by hand to peck drill them out, last time it was a PITA, might have a better look in the work room.. once i have the hardware sorted i will have to find out what the best firmware will be to use, i haven't been in #reprap for a while..

here is a vid or two of the bolt being machined on my cnc X2 Sieg mill with Dividing head..

 here you can see the cutter making the teeth for the drive bolt for my 3d printer. its cutting 20 teeth.

 this is the cutter that i made from a piece of 5mm hss tool steel that i bought off the internet for about 1$au each, bought 10 bits in the buy it now sale, so $10 delivered, i have posted about a company that will make/does make, cutters that would have done the job but i am an impatient sort of person and wanted to try and see if i could do it, as it turns out its not that hard i used a 6inch angle grinder with a 1mm cutting disc to form the profile then turned it to an angle of about 30' in the tilting vice to cut the cutting edges/flutes.
 my iphone doesn't seem to like taking photos of things up close but the videos are not that bad..

the cutter seems to have survived enough that i will probably use it to make the new extruder with any improvements that i can think of. i would like to see if i could make this thing printable and post it to thingiverse.com, that reminds me i should update my existing things i have posted to reflect the progress that has been made. 

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