Saturday, 24 September 2011

Not happy!! :(

Just blew up two stepper controllers.. not happy.... have to update/create a separate  page for parts i have blown up, or broken during this whole fiasco..

I Never have any luck with stepper drivers, the only time i get to actually use them is when they come in a kit like the gen3 :( now i am waiting for a RAMPS pcb to arrive in the mail, will start collecting the parts for that, will need to get a arduino mega 1280 to ensure its a hassle free operation.

its not been a good week, the post man took three days to deliver my parts that i just blew up in 30seconds, this hobby doesn't really make ecconomical sense in any way shape or form, but Meh neither does drinking, and we all keep doing that....

have to order up some more steppers, i needed to order another two for the extruder, but now i need another two, and i probably should get a few spares, hmm think i am going to need to get just the IC's and gets the hot air gun out or it will be noodles for me real quick...

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