Thursday, 8 September 2011

Not much going on..

So not much progress on the printer we are waiting for the weekend so we have some space in my mates workshop, All we have to do is drill some 10mm holes for the dowels to be welded into.

So i thought i might describe my plans on how i am going to drive my axis'. The Z axis has two motors on it, these are rather large  KL-23-251-24-8B Nema 23 motors that have ~0.6Nm they will have no issues picking up a few kilograms between them with the 1/2inch threaded rods and linear bearings. I have also used the same motors for my X & Y axis but these are being driven by 24Volts (Z axis is 12volts) hopefully the extra voltage will result in more Speed!!

To help try and make things runs smooth i will be using two belts on each axis. The motors i bought have the axles 25mm out each end, i have purchased 8 T5 15tooth pulleys and 5meters of belt, i think i am going to be short on belt and have to order some more. The main reason i want to use two belts is to ensure that the bed is pulled evenly and not jam the linear bearings, as X is a little narrower i don't need to use two belts but it makes things easier if i do. It allows me to mount the motor sort of centered.

Currently when I have been playing with the axis' if i try and move them by holding the ends of the aluminum bars the bearings jam, but if i apply the pressure in the middle a single finger can roll them back and forward, I think I should be fine with two belt, this also keeps the center of the X plate clear for the extruder to live.

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